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A little about me...

I'm currently exploring Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech in their MS HCI program.

In the past I've studied Fashion design, Literature and Computer Science. I've worked as a designer for 5 years in a men's apparel start-up in India. My designs helped the company grow 20-30% annually and I was identified as a key managerial employee. I wore many hats during this time working on branding and expanding our product line, mentoring new design & merchandising recruits, working with the advertising agencies, selling at roadshows, negotiating with suppliers and co-ordinating with manufacturing.

How did I get here?

Well, when I moved to the US, I realized that while I had enjoyed the energy of being in a start-up, I was not enjoying designing clothes as much. I wanted to do something that was more analytical and useful. I chose to learn Computer Science as I felt that was the platform that would have the most impact in the future. While pursuing a BS in Computer Science an internship involving sustainability convinced me that I was happiest when I could make a positive difference in peoples lives. HCI which is all about understanding users and responding to their needs, crafting solutions that are both useful and enjoyable to use, improving inclusivity and accessibility, not to mention a perfect platform to harness my diverse interests and skills seemed the perfect fit, so, here I am.

Interested in knowing more...

Below is a fun, infographic I created of my resume, you could also look at the more formal version