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I was a user research intern last summer with AT&T Digital's Research and Innovation team in Atlanta. 

  • Conducted 3 in-home ethnographic interviews, 12 remote unmoderated usability tests and 12 remote moderated usability tests

  • Tools used: Mural, Usertesting.com, LiveConversation

Here's a brief (confidentiality agreement necessitated) description of some of the work I did over the 12 week internship. ​


  • Conducted a competitive analysis of 5 competitor prepaid phone brands and two AT&T brands. 

  • Presented findings and recommendations to the Chief Digital Officer, senior team management and other stakeholders.

  • Resulted in a much larger study being commissioned to investigate certain insights.

  • Analyzed the proposed buy-flow of one of AT&T's in-house brands based on the competitive analysis and made recommendations to the design team.


  • Analyzed existing data on AT&T wireless and wireline 'new customer' communications experience.

  • Journey mapped current experience.

  • Participated in a design sprint to brainstorm and co-design a new experience with stakeholders also considering non-traditional methods of outreach(voice assistants, messenger etc. )

  • Evaluated the storyboarded conceptual experience of the 'happy path' through in-home and remote moderated interviews with customers.

  • Analyzed insights, made recommendations and created a presentation, that was presented to stakeholders and senior management post conclusion of my internship.

  • More evaluations of other paths and other 'new customer' experiences were commissioned.